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Curriculum Vitae - Erik Lyby

















Socio-economic Planning & Evaluation Specialist




-Mag. art. (social anthropology), University of Aarhus, Denmark, 1982.

-B. Sc. (architecture and civil construction), Aarhus Polytechnic, Denmark, 1965

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Burkina Faso













Sierra Leone




South Africa









Sri Lanka













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Experience record:


1999-present: Director, JACARANDA CONSULT 



Team Leader, Independent Evaluation of the BoP (Base of the Pyramid) diabetes project in Kenya. Novo NOrdisk A/S & Danida

Senior EIIP Adviser, Aceh Roads Project, Indonesia (three months). International Labour Organization

Team Leader, Thematic Evaluation of ILO's Programme on Social Finance. International Labour Organization

Team Leader, Independent Evaluation of Support to Sustainable Livelihoods in Conflict-affected Areas of Sri Lanka. UNIDO

Team Leader, Evaluation of the Productive and Decent Work for Youth Programme in the Mano River Union (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. UNIDO

Team Leader, Assessment of Development Results in Zambia. UNDP

Team Leader, Evaluation of Deepening Democracy in Tanzania Programme. UNDP

International Deputy Team Leader, Joint evaluation of the role and contribution of the United Nations System for the Republic of South Africa. UNDP/Gov.RSA

Team Leader, Social Services for the Poor – a Feasibility Study on water supply, sanitation, and solid waste in Kabul City, Afghanistan. The World Bank.

Capacity Building Adviser to microfinance institutions, Social Fund for Development, Egypt. European Commission

Principal Investigator, A Study on Micro-finance and gender in Afghanistan. The World Bank

Coordinator of livelihoods project proposal for tsunami victims in India. UNDP and ILO

International Impact Assessment Expert, coordinating four sectoral studies by teams of local consultants assessing the impact of programmes by the Egyptian Social Fund for Development. European Union

Team Leader, Joint Review of Technical Assistance to the Uganda Road Sector Programme Support Phase 2 (RSPS2). Danida

Review of Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development (DUCED). Mostly concerned with urban environment and DUCED collaboration with university consortia in Southern Africa. Danida

Annual Sector Review of Support to Education and Skills Development (SESD) in South Africa. Danida

Team Leader, Technical review and Formulation of Training Interventions for the Informal Sector in Zambia. Danida

Senior Reconstruction Specialist, InFocus Programme on Crisis Response and Reconstruction (IFP/CRISIS), ILO Geneva (13 months). Particularly involved in Afghanistan post-conflict recovery and reconstruction, and Southern Africa famine crisis. International Labour Organisation, Geneva

Formulation of HIV/AIDS component in sector support to TEVET, Malawi. Danida

Technical Review of Socio-economic Development Fund under Road Sector Support Programme, Uganda. Danida

Team Leader, Mid-Term Review of Provincial Skills Development Pilot Project, South Africa. Danida

Annual Review of Business Sector Programme Support (VETA component), Tanzania. Danida

Appraisal of Danish Support to Vocational Training in Kosovo. Danida

Team leader, Review of Danish Transitional Assistance to Education and Training in South Africa. Danida

Evaluation of Vocational Training Activities for Burundi Refugees in Camps in Western Tanzania. UNHCR, Geneva

Human resource development adviser, preparation of Danida assistance to agriculture sector phase II, Eritrea. Development Associates

Member of working group for the revision of Danida Policy Guidelines to Skills Development (VET). Nordic Consulting Group

Monitoring Consultant to Micro-Enterprise Development Project, Kenya. Danida

Team Leader, Identification and Preparation  Missions for Sector Programme Support to TEVET (Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training), Zambia. Danida

Team Leader, Evaluation of EDF Support to Human Resource Development in Tanzania 1990-1997. Commission of the European Union

Continuation as Visiting Consultant to project “Support to LAPPCOM (Labour-based Policy Promotion Committee)”, Uganda. International Labour Organisation


1993-1999: Chief Consultant, DanEduc a|s & Carl Bro Management



Human Resource Development Adviser to GIRE (Gestion Intégrée des Ressources en Eau), Burkina Faso. Danida

Review of Social Development Issues in the WURMCBP (Western Uganda Roads Management and Capacity Building Project). DfID (UK)

Visiting Consultant to project “Support to LAPPCOM (Labour-based Policy Promotion Committee)”, Uganda. International Labour Organisation.     

Appraisal of TEVET (Technical, Entrepreneurial & Vocational Education and Training, Malawi. Danida

Appraisal of Micro-Enterprise Development Programme, Kenya. Danida

Team Leader, Economic and Social Appraisal of IDA Assistance to the Roads 2000 project in 16 districts in Kenya. The World Bank

Team Leader, Evaluation of the Danish Government Institute of Seed Pathology (DGISP). Danida

Sociologist, Assistance Project for Energy Saving in Residential Blocks of Flats in Pärnu, Estonia. Danish Ministry of Housing

Team Leader, planning mission for Danida investment in the Egyptian Social Fund for Development, including capacity building with NGOs. Subsequently project manager for the start-up phase of this project. Danida

Team Leader, evaluation of Danida's Transitional Assistance Programme. Including missions to Namibia and Mongolia. Danida

Technical assistance to National Human Resource planning in Namibia. Responsible for study of rural and urban informal sectors and employment and social policy aspects. Commission of the European Union.

Study of the infrastructure sector inTanzania (covered roads sub-sector in general plus sociological, poverty-related and gender aspects of other infrastructure sub-sectors). Danida

 Team leader, Appraisal study of Regionalisation of UNCHS Community Development Programme in Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. UNCHS (Habitat)

Team leader, review-cum-pre-appraisal of REDET (Research and Education for Democracy in Tanzania), Univ. of Dar es Salaam. Danida

Appraisal of Danida support to Centre Régional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement à Faible Coût, CREPA, Burkina Faso. Danida

Human Settlements Specialist, Project identification mission to Thailand. Developed 6 project proposals for improvement of the urban environment, for inclusion in new programme. DANCED

Sociologist, Project formulation mission to Les Ecoles Régionales d'Ingénieurs et de Techniciens Supérieurs Ruraux, l'EIER et l'ETSHER, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Danida

Team leader, evaluation of UNCHS/Danida Training Programme for Community Participation in Urban Settlements. Missions to Sri Lanka, Zambia and Bolivia. Danida.

Project manager, Masulita Reconstruction & Development Project (4 years). TA to ILO-executed rural development project in Uganda. ILO.

1992-1993: Independent Development Consultant based in Denmark 


Preparatory Assistance Consultant, project INT/92/011 Improving living conditions and expanding employment opportunities in urban low-income communities, UNCHS (Habitat), Nairobi. Six-months consultancy to assist in the development of a joint approach to urban poverty alleviation. Countries involved: Albania, Burkina Faso, Togo, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and the Philippines.

India: Evaluation of two food-assisted forestry development projects. Responsible for social and economic impact analysis of WFP food support to tribal forestry workers in Orissa and Bihar. Contributed also to impact evaluation and proposals for the management and future use of WFP-generated funds for local development purposes. World Food Programme, Rome.


1985-1992: International Labour Organisation, Geneva Headquarters




Chief Technical Adviser, project INT/89/021 Employment generation in urban works programmes through the efficient use of local resources.

Co-ordination and management of UNDP-financed inter-regional project to formulate a strategy mobilising local resources for employment in Least Developed Countries.

This project applied a comparative and multi-disciplinary approach through which national and international consultants were commissioned to carry out institutional capacity assessments and small-scale experiments of different aspects of the local resource base in around 10 LDCs. Feasibility of approaches, as well as institutional constraints was being identified through country comparison in an inter-regional workshop in Nairobi April 1992. Based on the findings a strategy paper was submitted to UNDP and ILO.                 

 Project implementation took place in close collaboration with several organisations, notably the World Bank, UNCHS (Habitat), UNV, UNDP field offices and the Netherlands bilateral programme. A joint programme initiative between ILO, Habitat and UNV was formulated for implementation (see INT/92/011 above). Drafting of programme descriptions and launching of pilot projects (e.g. community-based urban upgrading projects also form part of project activities.

Missions undertaken to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA and the Netherlands.




Local Institutions Adviser to the ILO Special Public Works Programme (Project INT/86/036)

Promotion, development and strengthening of local target group participation and decentralised institutional development in relation to rural infrastructure works (through irrigation/afforestation/water committees etc.) in the formulation, implementation, and maintenance of projects under the ILO Special Public Works Programme.

Planning and conduct of workshops for local-level and extension staff on the integration of user participation in the local planning process.

Specific measures to promote and integrate rural women's concerns and interests in the Programme.

Formulation and proposal for joint ILO/Danida SPWP Programme.

Team leader of terminal evaluation of project on employment opportunities for rural women in India and Pakistan through their own organisations.

ILO-representative in two management review-cum-appraisal missions to large-scale irrigation schemes in India assisted by the WFP.

Missions were undertaken in this period to Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Denmark and Norway.




Technical Officer, Special Public Works Programmes

Responsibility for promotion of popular participation and institutional development.

Country officer for the Tanzania SPWP (its transition to phase II, design and negotiation of project document etc.). Also concerned with SPWP activities in Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Nepal, including field assignments, studies launching of consultancies, preparation of project documents etc.

Member of ILO Task Force on Southern Africa.

Missions to Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Canada.


1984-1985: World Health Organisation, Geneva Headquarters.


Social and Economic Research Officer, Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR/SER).

Screening research proposals on institutional, social and economic aspects of tropical diseases for presentation to Steering Committee for funding.

Supporting national researchers in tropical countries in the preparation of fundable proposals, often concerned with primary health care delivery and user organisation (e.g. through village health committees).

Missions were carried out to Mali, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.


1972-1982: Research and teaching activities in Denmark




Research and Teaching Assistant, Institute of Ethnography and Social Anthropology, University of Aarhus. Development Studies Teacher, Technical University of Denmark.

Numerous free-lance lectures and speaking engagements on economic development issues, social and cultural aspects of development, Southern Africa etc.

Production of circulating school exhibition on village life and Buddhism in Thailand based on objects purchased there in 1975 study tour (Danish UNESCO project).

Various functions in relation to Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, including serving on its Governing Board; chairing special committee on apartheid; training of volunteers for overseas work; publishing a book and several articles; slide/tape production on Namibia; missions to Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique.




Field research in Botswana for thesis work (Title: Socio-economic development in a labour reserve in Southern Africa: the case of Botswana).

Collection of primary data on workers migrating to the gold mines in South Africa in two locations (Ngamiland and Southern District).

Contributing to the preparatory work for a countrywide National Migration Study.

Visits to Lesotho, Swaziland and the gold-mining industry in South Africa.



Studying social anthropology, including study tours to Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Contributions to Afghanistan exhibition at Moesgaard Museum, incl. film production.

Collection of agricultural, household and Buddhist objects in Thailand for UNESCO project


1969-1971: Bilateral volunteer in Zambia (MS)


Zambia Housing Board; Zambia Federation of Building Co-operatives.

Senior Building Supervisor, in charge of Kabwe Branch of ZHB, responsible for low- and medium-cost urban housing development.

Supporting building co-operatives in planning, supervision and procurement aspects of rural construction projects.


1965-1969: Architect in Denmark 




Friis & Moltke Chartered Architects m.a.a., Aarhus, Denmark

Mostly concerned with design work related to multi-storey housing.




Paul Clausen Chartered Architects m.a.a., Copenhagen, Denmark

Design and technical supervision of public buildings such as hospitals and nursing homes.