Jacaranda Consult offers a range of services in the preparation, management and evaluation of development projects and programmes, with emphasis on human resource development, user participation, and support to community-based initiatives.

The company represents working experience from more than 25 countries and a variety of sectors, including employment generation through micro-enterprise development and labour-based infrastructure development; environment, including forestry and urban slum-upgrading; integrated rural development; health; and rural water & sanitation.  

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Selected Publications, Seminar Papers and Reports 



Thematic Evaluation of ILO's Programme on Social Finance. International Labour Organization

2010-11 Independent Evaluation of Support to Sustainable Livelihoods in Conflict-affected Areas of Sri Lanka. UNIDO

2010 Independent Evaluation of the Multi-stakeholder Programme for Productive and Decent Work for Youth in the Mano River Union (MRU). UNIDO


Vocational Education and Training in Post-Conflict Countries; an article in the International Encyclopaedia of Education 3rd Edition. Edited by Eva Baker, Penelope Peterson and Barry McGaw, Elsevier 2010. 


Assessment of Development results in Zambia. UNDP


Joint Evaluation of the Role and Contribution of the UN System in the Republic of South Africa.

2006 Microfonance and Gender Roles in Afghanistan. A field Study. The World Bank


Women’s Employment Opportunities in Afghanistan. A Desk Study Report. World Bank


Kan jeg ikke få tre måneder? (Could I have three months, please?). Two articles on project evaluation, UDVIKLING, March 2003. Danida.


Vocational Training in War-torn Societies. Paper presented at the First International Symposium on Post-Primary Education for Refugees. Refugee Education Trust, Geneva.


Vocational Training for Refugees: A Case Study from Tanzania. Chapter in Crisp, J., Ch. Talbot and D. Cipollone (eds.): Learning for a Future: Refugee Education in Developing Countries (pp. 217 - 269). UNHCR Geneva.


From Destruction to Reconstruction. The Uganda Experience 1981-1997: Using Employment-Intensive Technology. Working Paper, ILO. Geneva


Vocational Training for Burundian Refugees in Western Tanzania. Paper presented at workshop on Refugee Education, George Washington University, Washington DC. UNHCR, Geneva.


Evaluation of EDF Support to Human Resource Development in Tanzania 1990 – 1997. European Commission, Brussels.


Human resource development and the non-gainfully employed. Working Paper no. 1, National Planning Commission, Windhoek, Namibia.


Community-based urban upgrading - what are the issues? Paper presented at Regional Workshop on Sustainable Urban Employment, Entebbe, Uganda. ILO.


From Want to Work: Job Creation for the Urban Poor. A book on labour- and community-based improvement of urban slums. ILO Geneva.


Employment generation in urban works programmes in Uganda. ILO Geneva.


Employment generation in urban works programmes through the efficient use of local resources.  Background document for an inter-regional workshop in Nairobi. ILO Geneva


Community-based urban up-grading in Hanna Nassif informal settlement, Dar es Salaam: a pilot project. ILO Geneva.


Report on main developments and activities.  Progress report submitted to the Tenth Joint Meeting in Support of SPWPs. ILO, Torino.


Planning for popular participation in the Tanzania Special Public Works Programme.  Report from a national workshop, Arusha, November 1987. ILO.


Popular participation in Special Public Works Programmes: Problems and prospects.  Paper presented at International Round Table on "Social Participation in Development, Laval University, Quebec.


Amandla! Maatla! Sydafrika skal blive vort! (Amandla! Maatla! South Africa shall be ours!). Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke.


Socio-economic development and class formation in a labour reserve in Southern Africa; the case of Botswana.  Thesis for the degree of


Botswana: diamanter og kvæg (Botswana: Diamonds and Cattle). Kontakt No. 4, 1981/1982.


Migration and underdevelopment. South African Labour Bulletin, Volume 5,  No. 5.


Namibia: 100 års kamp for friheden (Namibia: 100 years of freedom struggle). Slide-tape show.  Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke.


A preliminary report on the effects of mine migration in Botswana.  Paper presented at National Migration Study Workshop, Gaborone.


Økologi, samfund og ejendom hos Hadza, Tanzania (Ecology, society and ownership among the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania).  Jordens Folk Vol 12 No. 3.


At eje eller ikke eje (To own or not to own).  Report from an Afghan village.  Jordens Folk, Vol. 11, No. 4.