The Jacaranda tree

Jacaranda Consult took its name from the beautiful jacaranda tree that is found in many of the tropical countries where the company works.

Visitors: Please note that our business is international development cooperation. This page is for information only. We neither have knowledge nor specific interest in trees, and questions about the jacaranda tree will therefore not be answered. 

Jacaranda: Any plant of the genus Jacaranda (family Bignoniaceae), especially the two ornamental trees J. mimosifolia and J. cuspidifolia. Jacarandas are grown widely in warm parts of the world and in greenhouses for their showy blue or violet flowers and attractive, oppositely paired, compound leaves. The genus includes about 50 species native to Central and S. America and the W. Indies. The name is also applied to several tree species of the genera Machaerium and Dalbergia in the pea family (see legume), the sources of commercial rosewood. (The Britannica Concise Dictionary)

The blue flowers of the Jacaranda tree adorn the streets of many African cities, such as: Pretoria the Jacaranda City -